Wednesday 11 January 2017

The Golden Globezzzzzz...zzzzzzzzzzzzz

Hosted by this chump
The 2017 Golden Globes was an incredible snoozefest with the highlight for me being Jimmy Fallon's sad attempt at improvising when the teleprompter went out. Go back to your fake ass scripted interviews on your fake ass show you hack.

The show was a pretty quiet event this year even with the many surprise underdog winners. It was a year of wins from shows I've never watched and some I've never even heard of. It's refreshing to see new work being recognized and rewarded. Unfortunately, none of that made the show interesting.

The opening was a singing, dancing extravaganza that was a homage to La La Land which is great if you've seen La La Land. If you didn't then you missed the joke. I asked, "Who is Jimmy Fallon being right now?" as he played the piano with a lock of hair falling over his face, cause I hadn't seen the movie yet and missed the joke. However, I can say that even after seeing La La Land, the opening bit didn't get any better.

And can I just add that while I loved Eleven (Mille Bobbie Brown) doing the Stranger Things rap, they missed a huuuuuuuge opportunity by not showcasing Dustin's (Gaten Matarazzo) truly incredible voice. I couldn't believe it. I mean, that kid's got pipes. Check it out for yourself, the kid is singing Les Mis karaoke at a birthday party. I mean, come on.

People won, people lost, Meryl Streep was awesome as always and laid the smack on Trump but it still wasn't a good show. Even wins from my favourite people, Emma Stone and Ryan Gosling, didn't make it better. I blame Jimmy Fallon. Can you even remember him saying anything after the disastrous opening 'monologue'? I sure can't.

0 out of 10, would not recommend.

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